Price overview for your holiday in hotel Similaun

Price information
All prices quoted are per person/ per day including half board and VAT.
If you book bed & breakfast only, €10 per person /per day will be deducted.
Prices exclude local tax of €3.50 per person per day (for guests over 15 years old).

Child prices
0 to 2 years free.
3 to 9 years 50% reduction of the price per night.
10 to 14 years 25% reduction of the price per night.
The child price is only applicable on full occupancy of the apartment.

Method of payment
Bank transfer
Card (EC card, VISA, Mastercard) 

In the mountains

Secluded high altitude trails, challenging summit tours, family friendly walks and the charm of a Tyrolean mountain village.

in Tyrol

A family friendly ski area on the doorstep, the skiing metropolis of Sölden or Gurgl just next door never ending ski touring options and a winter full of possibilities.


Do you have
any more questions?

We are happy to help.

We are happy to help with questions regarding your holiday in hotel Similaun Vent. Give us a call or send us an email. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your advantages in hotel Similaun Vent

  • In the middle of the countryside.
    The ideal starting point for skiing holidays and summer holidays in the mountains.
  • Family time.
    In this family run hotel couples and families are welcome.
  • Alpine indulgence.
    You are fully catered for with the Similaun indulgence half board.
  • Pure relaxation.
    Let yourself unwind in the wellness area of the hotel Similaun.
  • Homely.
    The cosy rooms invite a sense of well-being.